Go solar for $0 upfront

Power your home for $0 upfront

We’ve changed the game to make it even easier for Australians to enjoy solar – $0 upfront is all you need to start reducing your energy bills.

You don’t live an off-the-shelf lifestyle, so we don’t believe in off-the-shelf products. Instead, our solutions are tailored to match your energy needs and lifestyle. In fact, producing solar energy gives you greater control of your energy costs, helping you to save and budget while reducing your carbon footprint.

Enjoy an AGL solar system for $0 upfront.

Power your home for $0 upfront

Smart Plan benefits

The hassle-free way to enjoy solar power.

  1. Nothing upfront. Have an AGL solar system installed for $0 upfront.
  2. Savings. Reduce your power bills with low solar energy rates.
  3. Maintenance. We’ll service and monitor the system to ensure it’s always running efficiently.

Other ways to pay.

There’s a payment plan to suit everyone.

  • Finance on a no interest 2 year payment plan or a low interest 5 year payment plan.
  • Or pay the full amount prior to installation and own your system outright.

Why AGL?

  • Battery compatible

    AGL solar systems are battery compatible so you can add a battery at any time to store the excess energy the system produces.

  • Solar Command

    AGL Solar Command monitors the performance of the system to help maximise output efficiency.

  • Payment options

    There are three ways to enjoy solar: finance on a no interest 2 year payment plan or a low interest 5 year payment plan, pay outright or the solar Smart Plan.

How to go solar

Going solar doesn’t need to be stressful or expensive. In just three easy steps, you could power your home with AGL solar.

  1. Call AGL solar for a 10-minute chat or fill in the form.
  2. Receive and accept your tailored solar solution quote.
  3. Have the system installed by our Clean Energy Council accredited team.
How to go solar