Things to consider

If you’re considering switching to solar, understanding your property’s roof size and orientation will ensure you get the right solution. And if you’re looking at batteries, we’ll help you determine if they’re right for your home.

When you’re going solar


    Is my roof facing the correct direction and free from shade between 9am and 3pm?


    Is my roof big enough? You’ll need at least 15m squared for a 1.5kW system.


    Is my roof strong enough to support the solar panels and racking?

The importance of orientation

To gain optimum performance from solar panels, house location and orientation are key. And in Australia, solar panels can be north, north east, north west or west facing. If you choose AGL solar, one of our solar experts will work out the best solar panel direction and angle on your property. They take into account summer and winter variations in the sun’s path to ensure your solar system is effective 365 days a year.

The importance of orientation

When you’re installing a battery


    Do I have enough room to store my battery?


    Can I install my battery indoors and outdoors? If I choose outdoors, is the location out of direct sunlight?


    Is my solar system generating enough excess solar energy to benefit from a battery?

Solar Bonus Scheme and batteries

If you’re part of a government solar bonus scheme then augmenting your system or adding a battery may void your eligibility. Talk to one of our solar experts for more information.

Solar Bonus Scheme and batteries