Answering the following questions will ensure the information we give you reflects your energy needs and lifestyle. It’ll also reduce the time taken during your phone consultation.

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Solar panels and solar inverters
Monitors solar system performance
Store energy with batterie

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Firstly, tell us about your living situation.

This will determine whether you're eligible for solar.
Information for renters.

Unfortunately, as you don't own your home, we can't provide you with a solar solution. If you'd like to learn more about solar technology and innovation, please read our blog Solar Stories.

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What kind of home do you own?

The building type will affect your solar eligibility.
Apartment restrictions.

Unfortunately, we can't provide you with a solar solution because the roof of your apartment is managed by the body corporate. If you'd like to learn more about solar technology and innovation, please read our blog Solar Stories.

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Information for renters and apartment dwellers

Unfortunately, as you don’t own your home or your roof is managed by the body corporate we can’t install a solar system.

However you could still enjoy solar savings. Introducing AGL Virtual Solar – a new pilot that aims to help more Australians access solar savings, without installing a single panel.

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My system size is

The solar system size is how much energy your system produces in kW.
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When do you most use electricity?

By sharing your energy usage habits, we can better estimate the right system size for you.
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What’s your postcode?

We can determine whether your suburb is eligible for solar based on your postcode.
Unserviceable area

Sorry. We currently don’t service your state or territory. But if you send us your details, we can contact you when we do. Otherwise head back to the homepage to browse our site.

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Using your address allows us to preview your roof before we contact you to see if it’s suitable for solar.
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