Solar monitoring

Is your system working hard or hardly working?

Is your solar system underperforming?

Unless you’re using the right solar monitoring tool, it’s hard to know. At AGL we offer a range of monitoring solutions designed to help you understand how your solar system is performing, so you can optimise performance and maximise your return on investment.

  1. Remember, your bill doesn’t reflect your system’s performance

    Feed-in tariff credits only refer to your system’s unused energy.

  2. A survey showed that system issues steadily increase after three years1

    Based on data from a survey of more than 1,200 solar systems in Queensland.

  3. The faster you detect an issue, the better

    Monitoring your system helps you identify issues so you can take action quickly.

  4. Servicing is important

    It helps ensure your system delivers long-term performance and maximises your savings.

1Queensland Household Energy Survey 2016 conducted by Ergon Energy.

Why should you care about solar monitoring?


    Depending on where you live, your energy consumption and system size, a healthy system can save you $810 – $1660 a year2. Monitoring your system can help identify issues which may affect your potential savings.


    Monitoring your system regularly can help you identify and resolve issues quickly, and with AGL Solar Command you can also take advantage of peak production times throughout the day.


    Ensuring your system is performing at its best will help you increase your financial return, and pay off your investment sooner.


    The healthier your system is the more clean energy it can generate from the sun, reducing greenhouse emissions and creating a more sustainable environment.

2Based on a 4 kW system, using 22.5 kWh per day, consuming 43% of the solar energy produced, calculated using July 2017 AGL electricity rates and feed-in tariffs.

Choosing the right solution for you

Here’s a rundown of what’s on offer from our range of solar monitoring tools.

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  • Solar Command Check

    Free for AGL customers.

    Using the last 30 days of data from your household’s digital meter, this free monitoring tool provides daily insight into the overall health of your solar system.

    • Daily monitoring
    • Notifies you when your system is substantially below expected performance
    • Available to eligible AGL customers with solar*

  • Solar Command

    $15/month for a minimum of 24 months. Total minimum cost $360.

    Via your own personalised dashboard, this monitoring tool delivers near real-time insight into your energy consumption and estimated savings.

    • Near real-time monitoring^
    • Energy production and consumption insights
    • Available to all solar customers in QLD, NSW, VIC and SA*

*Available in QLD, NSW, VIC & SA. Geographic eligibility criteria apply. To be eligible for Solar Command Check, you need to be an AGL solar customer with a smart meter (installed for a minimum of 35 days), and not have Solar Command or a solar battery installed. ^Solar Command monitors your solar system’s energy production regularly and makes available updates of your system’s performance in 30-second intervals if you have a Wattwatcher system installed or 15-minute intervals if you do not.

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Solar Command Check

Solar Command

Available to:

AGL customers with solar*

Anyone with solar*


  • Smart meter installed
  • No Solar Command installed
  • No solar battery installed
  • Available in QLD, NSW, VIC and SA
  • Geographic eligibility criteria apply



Near real-time monitoring^

Access via:

AGL My Account

Web portal

AGL Energy app (AGL customers only)


System health status




Solar battery






Savings indicator


Data download

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Frequently asked questions

Is this a digital or physical product?

Solar Command is a physical monitoring product attached to your meter board, and a subscription to AGL’s Solar Command digital monitoring portal.

How long does it take to install Solar Command?

If you already have a solar system, total installation and setup takes approximately 1.5 hours.

If you’re having a new solar system installed, it will take approximately 2-3 hours to install your solar system and Solar Command hardware, depending on the complexity of your site including whether it is double story or has limited access.

Is installation included in the subscription?

Yes. Solar Command installation and hardware is included in the cost of subscription.

What happens after the two year subscription ends?

At the end of your two year subscription, you will be invited to renew your subscription for another two years at $15 (incl. GST) per month for a minimum of 24 months.

Who should I speak to if I get an automatic fault alert?

Solar Command will send you an automatic fault alert if your system has turned off, or is no longer communicating. Speak to an AGL Solar Command expert on 1300 356 363 to help get your system back up and running.

Do I need to have an AGL solar system to take advantage of Solar Command?

No. We can fit Solar Command to AGL or non-AGL solar systems!

Do I need to be home for the installation?

Yes. If you have an existing solar system installed, an accredited AGL installer will make an appointment with you to install your AGL Solar Command hardware.

If you’re having a new AGL solar system installed, an accredited AGL installer will complete both your Solar Command and solar system installation at the same time, making installation hassle-free.

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