Solar power feed-in tariffs in Queensland.

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A feed in tariff is just another benefit of going solar. AGL offers Queensland customers a feed-in tariff of 10.6 cents per kilowatt hour* for electricity generated and fed back into the grid.

That means, any time you don’t use all the energy your solar power system produces, the energy is fed back into the grid and you get paid for it – you’ll see this as credits on your energy bill. So, no energy you generate is wasted.^

Did you know that AGL now offers battery storage solutions for your solar power system. So any energy you produce can stay in the home to use any time of the day, even when the sun isn’t shining.

For more information, visit our battery page.

*GST exclusive. Any solar feed-in tariff applied by AGL that is not regulated by the Queensland Government Solar Bonus Scheme may be varied by AGL. ^Credit amounts received are determined by continuing to meet applicable eligibility criteria.