Solar panels and inverters

Our solar panels

AGL thoroughly researches suppliers to only work with the best, providing you with high quality solar products for your home. To ensure the longevity and efficiency of your investment, we only work with world-class manufacturers – that’s the AGL solar difference.

Our solar panels

How solar panels work

Understanding how the sun powers your home is simple. Firstly, your solar panels will capture sunlight and use conductors in the panel to convert photons into Direct Current (DC) energy. This DC energy flows into an inverter, which converts this energy into Alternate Current (AC) electricity that you can use in your home.

Some customers can also offset their bill if any extra energy is fed back into the grid – that’s the potential of solar power.

How solar panels work

Solar panel benefits


    Made by Q CELLS, our solar panels are designed and quality tested to withstand extreme weather.


    Optimised to work in both bright and low light conditions plus self-cleaning glass technology to ensure your home can enjoy the benefit of the sun’s rays.


    For peace of mind, our solar panels come with a 12-year product warranty and a competitive 25-year performance warranty.

Our solar inverters

Made by Solis, our solar inverters come in a range of sizes, providing superior performance, reliability and a lifespan greater than 20 years. Solis inverters are approved by the Clean Energy Council and exceed 97% efficiency.

  • Industry leading 8-year warranty.
  • Meet all AS/NZS 4777.2:2015  requirements.
  • Designed and rated IP65 to withstand outdoor applications.
Our solar inverters

The AGL advantage

  1. Tailored solutions

    Tailored solutions

    No two homes are ever alike. From family size to weekly budgets, everyone’s needs are different – so we’ll never sell you an off-the-shelf solution. Instead, we provide expert advice and take the time to understand your lifestyle. And if needed, we can even send a consultant to your home.

  2. On-going servicing

    On-going servicing

    Like other parts of your home, solar panels need maintenance every now and then to ensure maximum efficiency. And by taking advantage of Solar Command, our solar monitoring technology, you can feel confident your system is always working for you. You can see how much energy the system’s making, as well as how much energy from the grid your home is using. It also tells you whether your system is producing as much energy as it should.