Installing solar

From start to finish, our team of experts will take care of your solar installation. Your job? Just sit back and wait for the sunshine to turn into savings.

The installation process


    1. The initial consultation

    Our solar experts will work with you to create a tailored solution based on your energy usage, lifestyle and budget. They’ll also take you through our range of solar monitoring tools, designed to help you understand your system’s performance.


    2. Your quote

    We’ll provide you with a written estimate that details the number of panels required, the size and cost of your system and the size of your inverter.


    3. Connecting you to the grid

    Once you’ve accepted your quote, we’ll complete the necessary paperwork to get your connection to the grid pre-approved.


    4. Installing your system

    Once your connection to the grid has been pre-approved, our Clean Energy Council accredited installers will call you to schedule the installation (you’ll need to be home for this). After your system has been installed, we’ll send the grid connection forms to your energy retailer and it’s time to pay your final invoice.


    5. Connecting your system

    Once your energy retailer has arranged connection (and upgraded your meter if necessary), you’ll be free to start using your new solar system.


    6. Ongoing care

    Our panels come with a 25-year performance, a 12-year product, and a five-year installation warranty. Our inverters come with an eight-year manufacturer and five-year installation warranty.

Installation processes vary from state to state, and individual installations may vary.

Choosing the right installer

When making the switch to solar power, information is key – it’ll help you choose the right provider and system.

To help you find the perfect installer, here are some questions you should ask:

  1. How many years experience do you have?

    It’s important to know the installer’s previous solar experience and their capabilities.

  2. How many solar systems have you installed?

    Know you’ve chosen the best by finding out how many systems they’ve installed.

  3. Have you installed systems in my area before?

    Every home and suburb is different, so make sure they’re familiar with your type of property.

  4. Can you explain your terms and conditions?

    Make sure there are no hidden costs or restrictions by having the fine print read to you.

  5. Who connects my home to the grid?

    Understand the full process and how the team will install your system.

  6. How much is a new meter?

    Find out if a new meter will affect your quote. Some providers include it while others don’t.

  7. How long does installation take?

    Plan for installation with minimal disruption by finding out how long it could take.