Solar system

Solar solutions to suit you

Deciding to go solar with AGL means end-to-end support from our team, including working through grid connection, statutory approvals and applications for available rebates, as well as access to a solar monitoring solution.

Solar solutions to suit you

Solar power in action

A solar energy system consists of solar panels, inverters, mounting frames, cabling, electrical switches, and monitoring equipment. Together, this equipment can transform your roof into a miniature power station!

The energy generated by your solar system will directly offset energy being consumed from the grid, which will help to lower your electricity bill. If your business uses most of your energy during daylight hours, and you have some spare roof area, then going solar may be a great option for your business.

Solar power in action

How we can help

  1. Quality installations

    Quality installations

    We will tailor a solution designed for your specific location and business needs. We will use only the highest quality components to build your system, backed up by manufacturer warranties.

  2. Flexible ways to pay

    Flexible ways to pay

    We’re used to working with businesses of all shapes and sizes, so we offer different ways to go solar, from upfront purchase to on-bill payments to Power Purchase Agreement through our solar Smart Plan. If you’re keen to get going with solar, find out how you could enjoy the benefits without any upfront costs.


Stay in charge of your solar power

We know that solar is a big investment for your business. Naturally, you’ll want to ensure your system is working to its full potential.

With an AGL commercial solar system you’ll get access to system monitoring so you can see how much energy your solar system is producing.  You may be able to see trends which will help you optimise your energy consumption to maximise your solar benefit.

Stay in charge of your solar power

AGL: your solar partner

  • Trust

    Over the last 180 years, AGL has been a trusted energy partner for many Australian businesses.

  • Tailored to you

    We take pride in designing a solution based on your energy use, budget, location and sustainability goals.

  • Industry range

    We’ve worked with wineries, retail, manufacturing, councils, health care, aged care, schools and hospitality.

  • Payment options

    Our flexible options let you find the best fit for your business- perhaps without making an upfront investment.

Reynella Mazda

Car Dealership

Reynella Mazda

Car Dealership

Located in South Australia, the Reynella Mazda dealership is passionate about providing excellent service and giving back to their local community. Conscious of their energy usage, Reynella Mazda approached AGL to install a solar system on their premises to help reduce their energy costs and their carbon footprint.

  • 76.9 kW
    System size
  • 24 % per year
    Reduced consumption ?
  • 65 tCO2e per year
    Environmental impact ?
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Did you know?

Access the benefits of solar without the upfront capital investment with our solar Smart Plan.

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