Payment options

How to pay

Whatever the size of your business, we know that cash flow management can often be a challenge. But when it comes to solar, we’re here to lend a helping hand.

AGL offers a range of payment methods, so there’s one to suit your business’ budget and financial situation. Go solar for $0 upfront with solar Smart Plan, pay upfront to own the system straight away or select a finance plan.

How to pay

Preserve your capital with $0 upfront

Solar energy is a great way to reduce operating costs – but not every business has the money to pay for a solar system upfront. That’s why AGL has introduced the solar Smart Plan for business.

The solar Smart Plan is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) where AGL installs a solar system on your roof, and you simply pay for the energy the system produces. In many cases, the PPA tariff will be less than what you pay for your daytime electricity off the grid. It allows your business to start saving as soon as installation and connection is complete. Plus, we take care of all warranties, maintenance and monitoring for the duration of your agreement.

AGL offers flexible solar Smart Plan terms for all business types and sizes, so you can enjoy predictable low energy rates for the life of your plan.

  • $0 upfront to help you preserve your capital.
  • Enjoy predictable low, long term solar electricity rates.
  • Flexible terms to suit your needs.

Flexible ways to pay

  1. Pay upfront

    Pay upfront

    Pay the full amount prior to installation and own your solar system outright.

  2. Finance plans

    Finance plans

    AGL solar offers flexible finance plans to help you manage the cost of the system installation.