The virtual power plant: bringing solar energy to everyone.

AGL’s virtual power plant is an energy revolution; a new way for homes to access state of the art battery technology and for communities to use more green energy. Here is everything you need to know about AGL’s exciting new development, available now in metro Adelaide.

AGL has been servicing Australia’s energy needs for over 175 years and we are always looking for the next big innovation in renewable energy to support our lifestyle under the great Australian sun.

Australia has a long history of embracing solar innovation. First, the development of the solar panel allowed homeowners to power their homes during the day by converting the energy from the sun into electricity. Any excess they produced was exported to the grid, while homeowners saved on electricity bills.

Then the introduction of home batteries meant that homes could save even more on energy bills by using solar energy overnight or on cloudy days, as well as having valuable backup power for blackouts.

Now with this latest exciting development from AGL, everyday South Australians will get access to a state of the art battery for a fraction of the cost, while supporting the community with solar energy. That way, they can help lower their energy bills at the same time.

AGL’s virtual power plant is the largest development of its kind in the world, connecting 1,000 batteries in homes and small businesses throughout Adelaide. This project means homeowners can use more of their green power and help shape the future of Australian energy by being part of this exciting new technology.


What is it?

AGL has already delivered the largest solar power plants in the southern hemisphere, and now as part of another project with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) AGL is looking to push the boundaries of energy management with the world’s largest decentralised virtual power plant.

The virtual power plant is a cluster of connected batteries installed in homes around Adelaide that allows customers to consume more of their solar power, and supports the electricity grid when it’s needed. Each home that joins the AGL virtual power plant gets a state-of-the-art 11.6 kWh Sunverge battery. These batteries store excess energy from the solar system and use it to power the home overnight, on cloudy days, or at any time when the home is using more energy than the solar system is producing.

Installing one of these batteries means that you can spend less time worrying about using your appliances when the sun is shining, and more time doing the things you love. The virtual power plant aims to make battery technology more affordable for everyday South Australians, so more people can benefit from renewable solar energy.

Each battery helps power the home it is connected to, and by building a connected network we can create a group of batteries that can be intelligently managed to support the existing energy grid when it really needs it. It’s a great way to help homes use even more of their own green energy and together we can make a more sustainable future for everyone.

Did you know?

  • All over the world energy providers are looking to virtual power plant solutions as a means of providing power to growing communities. Companies like Green Mountain Power and Con Edison have programs running in the US, but the largest of these is only planned to include 500 batteries.

How does it work?

AGL intelligently monitors each battery installed as part of the virtual power plant, ensuring your solar energy is working hard to help power your life.

Most of the time, your battery will discharge power to your home and help minimise the amount of energy you need from the grid, which can help you save on your energy bill. Occasionally, when there is high demand on the grid – like on a hot summer day when lots of people in Adelaide turn on their air conditioner – your battery may be called on to support the grid. When this happens, your stored energy will be discharged to your home, and any additional power that your home doesn’t use at the time will be exported to the grid. You’ll receive your retail feed-in tariff when this solar energy is exported.

This means you use more renewable energy, and there’s less strain on the grid.

This community of batteries will be the largest example anywhere in the world of how rooftop solar and intelligently managed batteries can come together to form a virtual power plant, and in doing so can help increase the integration of renewable energy into the electricity grid.


How can I get involved?

The virtual power plant is available in metro Adelaide. If you live in the area and want to enjoy the power of connected battery technology from just $3,999,* contact us today to see if you’re eligible to get involved.

For customers who aren’t eligible to participate, you can register your interest to stay updated about future AGL virtual power plant and battery projects.


1 *Eligibility criteria apply. $3,999 is limited to first 500 eligible phase three customers; AGL reserves the right to extend the offer and the offer may be subject to change or expire without notice, and does not include backup power. Backup power is available for an additional $899.