Estimated system size, cost and savings.

Customers with a similar living situation typically benefit from:

AGL solar system inverter panel
Solar panels
kW Inverter
kW System size

Every new system comes with AGL solar monitoring#.

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Estimated annual savings^ $
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+Estimated system cost does not include travel charges for non-metro installations and any non-standard items.
^Your savings and system production will vary depending on your circumstances and may differ from these estimates.
#Solar Command is free for the first two years on solar systems purchased upfront or with finance.

Energy storage solutions.

AGL’s energy storage solutions give you control over how and when you use solar power. By adding batteries to your system, you’ll enjoy the benefits of solar even when the sun goes down – helping you save even more.

If you already power your home with solar, or you’re looking for a solar system with batteries, we can help with tailored solutions based on your lifestyle, budget and current energy usage. Plus, AGL’s solar systems are battery compatible, so you can easily add energy storage solutions in the future.

Watch our video to learn more about how solar batteries work, and to see how one of our customers is already enjoying an AGL solar and battery solution.