Solar power feed-in tariffs in Queensland

In Queensland, your potential earnings for electricity fed into the grid are calculated using the net metering system. Under this system only the electricity generated in excess of what you use is fed into the grid, and you receive a feed-in tariff per kWh for this electricity.

What you could potentially earn.

The standard feed-in tariff is 8 cents per kilowatt hour* for electricity generated and fed back into the grid. This is currently under will review and is subject to change.

It all adds up.

Over time, the advantages of generating solar power can really work for you.

With a Solar power system, you might use less electricity from the grid, because the electricity your Solar PV system generates can help power your home. And using less electricity from the grid means less to pay on your bill.

Also, if your solar power system generates more electricity than your home requires, you will receive credits on your bill for any excess electricity that is fed into the grid.#

We also service other states.

Click for feed-in tariff information for New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

Find out more.

For more information on the feed-in tariff details, visit the Queensland Government website.To view further details on AGL’s feed-in tariff and solar electricity plans click here or call 131 245.

* GST exclusive.
† Any solar feed-in tariff applied by AGL that is not regulated by the Queensland Government Solar Bonus Scheme may be varied by AGL.
# Credit amounts received are determined by continuing to meet applicable eligibility criteria.